A Gender reveal party is an event or celebration had during pregnancy. The Primary goal of this event is the revealing of the gender of the baby to parents, family and friends. But what to expect when you’re expecting? Besides the obvious anticipation and excitement, parties, baby showers why not try and hold a gender reveal fireworks display! If you are a parent who is lucky enough to find out the gender of your baby ahead of your due date and are looking for exciting ways to reveal this to your friends and family then look no further, why not reveal your baby’s gender with a firework or coloured smoke grenade or confetti to celebrate the new spark in your life!


At Black Lab Fireworks our experts have hand picked both fireworks and smoke effects that would be perfect for you to reveal the gender of your baby to your family and friends waiting in anticipation. To ensure that that baby's gender is kept a secret right until the grand reveal we supply our gender reveal fireworks with the labels removed for you to keep people guessing until the last moment. Many gender reveal party's also enjoy our sparklers, wax torches & confetti canons and other decorations to mark the special occasion.

Gender Reveal Fireworks!