Fireworks For Your Special Day!

We all have fond memories of cold November evenings spent staring in awe into a sky filled with bursts of colour, sound, smoke and smell. Fireworks are a millennia-old tradition, and go hand in hand with celebrating special occasions – perfect for weddings. Want to surprise your little one with an astounding birthday bash? Wish to light up your bride’s face with the most spectacular showdown that a wedding could have? Think big. Think Fireworks.

Fireworks have been known to be a customary ingredient to any celebration in the world. Be it major events or the 5th November here in the UK, no big celebration is complete without a display of an array of colourful and mesmerizing fireworks. You can also bring the element of pure wonder and charm to your personal party by arranging a firework display or purchasing one of our bundles.

Looking for ideas on how to wow your near and dear ones with something truly out of the ordinary? Here are some occasions and events that can be made memorable through a display of colourful and beautiful fireworks!



Wedding is perhaps the most important event of one’s lifetime that defines the beginning of a new and blissful journey. A well-organized fireworks display at the end of the wedding can prove to be one of the best additions that can be made to the most cherished moments of your life!

Do make sure that you hire a professional like us at Black Lab for managing the fireworks in an occasion like the wedding where everything needs to be perfect and enchanting in detail. Nothing can be better than a beautiful starry night with the couple close to their loved ones enjoying the beauty of a brightly lit sky!

Birthday Party


A beautiful display of fireworks at your toddler’s birthday party will prove to be a gift they are going to be remembering for years! Be it a party for your young man or little princess, there can be nothing more spectacular than a show of fireworks at the venue. From beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky to fun-filled sparklers that can be easily handled by children – fireworks will be your personal way of enhancing the birthday celebrations to the max!

Garden Party


If you are thinking to throw a spectacular party that your friends will remember for years to come, don’t look far from your own backyard! Arrange a family get together, a cocktail party or a graduation celebration in your own backyard and add a beautiful show of fireworks at the end in order to make the event a success. Of you are busy in making last minute arrangements and tweaking the details, our professional help and advice is only a call away. Smoke bombs, sparklers, rockets, cakes & candles much more each of these different fireworks can bring a unique touch of sophistication to your party and transform it into a mega event in not time!

So the next time you are thinking to put your party hat on, do not forget to add the galore of some colourful fireworks to the celebration. The addition of a fireworks display in a party, event or in a beautiful wedding ceremony can spell fun, beauty and excitement in every way.