Help Your Children to Stay Safe This Bonfire Night

Fireworks can provide great entertainment for the whole family – but it’s essential that they’re properly respected. If not handled with care, they can cause burns and eye injuries to children and adults.

General Safety

-        Only adults should light or hold fireworks.

-        Never let your children near a firework after it’s been lit even if it hasn’t gone off.

-        Never let fireworks be thrown.

-        Store fireworks safely away from children in the lead up to Bonfire Night.

-        Don’t allow children to pick up fireworks once an event has finished – they could still be explosive.

-        People aged below 18 are not allowed to buy fireworks or possess them in a public place.

-        To ensure the safety of all those at a display you are holding, only buy fireworks that comply CE Standards

-        If you’re holding a display, make sure that you also point fireworks away from homes. Fireworks should also

          be kept away from brush, leaves and flammable substances.

-        Always make sure to keep a bucket or two of water on hand.

-        Make sure the site for your display is large enough for any fireworks to be let off safely.

Sparkler Safety

It’s particularly important to follow basic safety procedures when children are around sparklers, as these are the fireworks they will come in contact with. Despite their size, individual sparklers can actually burn at a temperature of over 15 times the boiling point of water.

-        Always give children gloves to wear when they use sparklers.

-        Don’t give sparklers to children under 5, as they will not understand how to use them safely.

-        Don’t dress your children in loose or flowing clothes when they’re using sparklers, as they may be at risk

         of setting on fire.

-        Sparklers should always be held an arm’s length away from the body.

-        Don’t let children run whilst they’re using sparklers.

-        Never let children put sparklers in their pockets.

-        Always make sure an adult is present when sparklers are being used by children.

-        Make sure to only light one sparkler at a time.

-        Put the hot end of a sparkler in a bucket of water once it has been used.

Emergency Advice

-        In an emergency, make sure you keep calm. You should cool any burns or scalds with cold water for at least ten minutes.

-        If you are at all unsure about the severity of any burns you should take children straight to hospital.

-        If any material sticks to any burns, make sure that you cut around the fabric sticking to the skin – never just pull it off.

Stay Safe and Have a Great Bonfire Night

Just remember – there’s absolutely no reason why Bonfire Night shouldn’t be a fun occasion for you and your family. Just make sure to follow this safety advice and you'll help ensure that everyone stays safe.