Wireless Firing System

Our wireless remote control firing systems are perfect for use with all types of fireworks and pyrotechnics. Being able to fire at the click of a button means you can create seamless displays with added safety. Our firing system is perfect for fireworks, pyrotechnics and rocketry. Using our Talon or Consumer Match igniters you can use this system to fire CAT2 and CAT3 fireworks by attaching to the visco safety fuse. Using Electric Match igniters allows you to use this system to fire CAT4 fireworks by inserting the head of the e-match into the quick match fuse.

The 12 button remote has an on/off switch to avoid any accidental firings and comes ready programmed.


Straight out of the box and this is already a very nice looking piece of kit. Make no mistake about it, even if you forget the batteries and have to hand light your display, you will still look semi-professional just by leaving this on the ground!


The firing system also features LEDs to indicate continuity and which cue is firing. An on/off switch is accompanied by a lockable master switch to the right. A large red button, although very tempting to press, is used only for programming purposes. Overall the unit measures 18cm x 14cm.